Everything in the book Publishing stage is free of cost  but when it comes to Editing this is something which should not be done by friends or family. More than helping this would ruin the hard work that you have put in Writing your manuscript.

So the only cost that you should INVEST in your book is hiring a professional Editor. Mentioned below are 20 Editing Companies and a few Freelance Editors that we have worked with for Publishing more 1500 Novels at the University at which I am a Professor.

Top 5 Companies are the ones that I have worked with and would advise you to proceed. But before I proceed let me answer few questions

  1.  How much does Book Editing Cost?
    It costs around $200 to $50000. ( ₹15000 to ₹4,00,00)
  2. Can I hire cheap editors for my book?
    Anyone doing editing below the above cost is most probably doing Proofreading for your book and that too via Softwares.
  3. Can book launch be done without  Editors?
    Yes indeed ,if you want your book to be lost amongst 9,000,000 books published every year that sell less than 250 copies in their lifetime.
  4. What is University Projects and FBC Community in the Chart below?
    University Projects are the successful projects that the companies have done with Professors and FBC Community is the First Book Challenge Authors projects that have been successfully completed by these companies.
Serial Companies Website Email University Projects  FBC Community
1 Edioak www.edioak.com info@edioak.com 31 6
2 Gamahouse www.gamahouse.com info@gamahouse.com 19 3
3 Uriel Walder – Development Editor urielwalder@gmail.com 14 2
4 Aaratika Bawa – Development Editor aaratikabawa@gmail.com 7 1
5 Book Butchers www.bookbutchers.com 4 1
6 ka-writing.com www.ka-writing.com/ info@ka-writing.com 3 0
7 Erin Edits https://www.erinedits.com/ erin@erinedits.com 3 0
8 Book Baby www.bookbaby.com info@bookbaby.com 2 0
9 Ebook Launch www.ebooklaunch.com 2 0
10 Victoria Griffin www.victoriagriffin.com 2 0
11 reedsy.com www.reedsy.com 2 0
12 eliteauthors.com www.eliteauthors.com info@eliteauthors.com 2 0
13 Papertrue.com www.papertrue.com support@papertrue.com 2 0
14 Enago.com www.enago.com 1 0
15 First Editing www.firstediting.com cservice@firstediting.com 1 0
16 NY Book Editors www.nybookeditors.com 1 0
17 Manuscript Edit www.manuscriptedit.com/ support@manuscriptedit.com 7 0
18 Editing Proofreading www.editingproofreading.in contact@editingproofreading.in 1 0
19 Scribendi www.scribendi.com/ 1 0
20 Fiverr www.fiverr.com -6 0

We are constantly updating this Top 20 Book Editing companies list so that our community has the best options and their Book becomes a bestseller.

Please let us know if you would like to include any Book Editing company that delivers quality projects via the Contact form.