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About Aman

Aman is a Professor and Head of Marketing at Chandigarh University. Since childhood, he wanted to teach and firmly believed that learning anything should be just like watching your favorite movie time and again. His vision gave birth to his novel Project- The Gamification Of Learning.

Currently, he is also mentoring 17 College Startups registered with Technology Business Incubators. He has built courses on ‘Write your First Book. Fast.’ and ‘100 Ways to Get Customers.

Aman holds the opinion that learning should never stop.

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Write your First Book. Fast!

Everyone has ideas, experience and a passion about which they could speak for hours, research for days and have that nag to Pen it down in the form of a Book. Right?

But this process should take a MONTH not YEARS.

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Online Course

100 Ways to Get Clients

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LIVE Workshop
Online Course


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