Write your First Book. Fast!

Everyone has ideas, experience and a passion about which they could speak for hours, research for days and have that nag to Pen it down in the form of a Book. Right?

But this process should take a MONTH not YEARS.

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Workshop starts on 18th December, Friday.

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Ride the First Book Quest

There is a book inside you and our goal is to make it into reality even if you have no idea, have no time or are bad at writing just like me.

In the past 2 years, the “First Book Challenge” is being taken by 3256 people with 689 Published books.

What’s the secret? A proven system to beat overwhelm and guide you from blank page to a finished book.

See you on the other side. Cheers!

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How does this 3 Day Write your First Book workshop work?

This book challenge ends when you are done Writing your Book. If you believe, then lets be best of the Friends till your First Book Launches.

What will you learn from this workshop?

  • 4 Hacks to Brainstorm Chapters for your book which will help you to come with lots of ideas in your domain in less than 30 Minutes spent researching.

  • Comprehend to Write with a Book Outline Template so that you never sway off with your goal and hit the Writers Block.

  • Tracking the project with a Word Count Tracker Template so that you are motivated throughout the Writing process.

  • 7 Techniques to Write Faster which would aid in finishing your book at insane deadlines set up by you.
  • Master Publishing terminologies to roll out your book around the world in less than 7 days.

  • Finally, launch your book to grow your business, switch your job or make a strong Brand.


  • 2 Recorded Courses on “How to Write an Outline” and “Finding your Target Readers”

  • Writing Accountability Partner from the Team so that the Book keeps flowing.

  • Book Hard Copy Launch in 18 Countries without incurring extra cost.

  • Selling 1000 Copies in a Week marketing plan.

David got the First job of his life after his  debut book.

What will be your dream story?

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About The Trainer – Prof. Aman Tandon

Prof.Aman holds a dual masters and is the youngest Professor to be hired by a University. In the span of a year he was made the Head of the Department and later for Marketing too.

He works on turning subjects into Gamification of Learning Modules. Imagine if learning could be like watching your favorite movie. Something you would like to watch again and again.

His online courses include “How to Write a Book”, and “100 Ways to get Customers”.

Digital Marketer in India
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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Workshop will start on Friday, 18th December and go on till Sunday, 20th December.

Live Session will be there from 08:30pm to 09:30pm on all the days.

Participants who attend the last one on one session with Prof.Aman are generally able to write an Outline in a Day.

We believe it takes less than 30 Days to actually write your book.

It is for both. Non-Fiction Writers are taught specifically in the workshop whereas Fiction Writers are taught in the One on One Session with Prof.Aman as each Novel has diverse characters.

Currently we don’t have any Affiliate Program for the Course.

Write to support@amantandon.com and some from the team would get back to you within 4 Hours.

Yes, Recording will be available for a Week after the session ends.

Yes indeed. Stay assured. We will be the best of the Friends till you don’t.

Need more  Convincing?

Being a Professor and teaching this for 2 years I really don’t wish for you to miss out. You can register for Free by Emailing support@amantandon.com

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